How to plan an elopement and cut stress

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There are so many benefits to having the smallest possible guest list and scaling back your wedding right now. Here’s how to plan an elopement or micro-weddings with fewer people to please, easier decisions and more options.

So cut down the guest list, cut the cost, cut the stress and start thinking small!

Spanish wedding elopement in Granada officiated by Celebrant Spain and photo Doncel y Alcoba

Photo Doncel y Alcoba

Traditional and modern elopements are different

Traditionally couples ran away from disapproving parents by eloping – they got married but didn’t have a wedding ceremony. There was a contractual marriage but no ceremonial celebration.
These days most couples are running away from something different – stress!

So here’s a thought,

Why not contract your marriage with a registrar and have your elopement or micro-wedding on a totally different day?!

When you understand that a marriage and a wedding are different that’s when your options open up and you can start having fun!

Let’s look at some real life elopements and micro-weddings and see how live streaming the ceremony can open up a virtual guest list.

Elopement venue options are endless

The decision about where to have your elopement is probably the hardest one you will make as with no (or hardly any) guests, so many more possibilities open up to you.

But what a fantastic problem to have!
In addition to your favourite restaurant or hotel, you can now consider

  • castles and palaces
  • art galleries and museums
  • beaches and parks
  • mountains and clifftops
  • onboard boats
  • destinations abroad!!!

Who should attend an elopement?

Essentially there is the couple and their celebrant to officiate the elopement ceremony and usually a photographer to capture those special moments as you say your vows to each other.

If you are contracting your actual marriage at a different time to your elopement ceremony then you don’t even need witnesses.

Elopement in Spain at Alhambra palace officiated by Debbie Skyrme photo by Pedro Bellido

Photo Pedro Bellido

How to plan an elopement

My advice is to contact a wedding planner who specialises in elopements to find you the very best of everything within your budget. Remember that your budget can now go further and you can afford

  • champagne instead of sparkling wine
  • fine dining instead of a set menu
  • the bridal suite instead of a normal room
  • the best photographer
  • an extravagance of flowers
  • that dress you really, really want!

C and M travelled all the way from America for an elopement ceremony at a mirador overlooking the Nazrid palaces of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Alhambra palace mirador elopement with Celebrant Spain

Photo Doncel Y Alcoba

Micro-weddings are a quality guest experience

Z and D opened up their February ceremony at a luxury spa resort in the Spanish mountains to six VIP guests and made it into a micro wedding.

They took advantage of out-of-season flight and hotel prices and the fact that southern Spain averages 320 days of sunshine to afford a beautiful venue otherwise out of their pocket.

Each person at that ceremony took a role in the wedding – escorting the bride, reading a few words, presenting the rings and witnessing the commemorative certificate.

In planning a micro wedding, the couple were able to spend quality time with each and every guest making it a truly personal and inclusive day.

socially distanced micro wedding at La Cala Resort Mijas Spain

Photo Simon Duggan

Live stream your wedding to widen your guest list

Elopements and micro weddings are trending because guests may have difficulty travelling and couples want the least possible stress for their wedding ceremony. But that doesn’t mean that your family and friends can’t be a part of your special day.

Using technology, your internet guests can be right there with you to share every precious moment of your elopement ceremony and hear every word as you say your vows to each other. Plus you get to keep the recording!

Your options include

When Americans K and K had to cancel their planned elopement on a beach in Spain, they decided instead to elope on their home porch in Kentucky with a ceremony officiated by me as their celebrant online – over 150 friends and family witnessed them saying their vows who otherwise would have missed the ceremony!

Lara Onac photographer of online wedding ceremony officiated by Celebrant Spain

Photo Lara Onac

Lara Onac online photographer of Celebrant Spain officiating Zoom wedding elopement

Photo Lara Onac

So cut down the guest list, cut the cost, cut the stress, start thinking small and plan an elopement!

Debbie Skyrme is Celebrant Spain award winning bilingual wedding officiant

Photo of Debbie Skyrme, Juanma Segura

Author Bio: Debbie Skyrme is an award winning celebrant officiating weddings, elopements and vow renewal ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine and online

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Particular thanks to elopement photographers Doncel y Alcoba and specialist elopement wedding planner Mery Liccardi 

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