• Celebrants in Spain Team

Celebrants in Spain Team

Celebrants in Spain team
Celebrants in Spain Team
multilingual celebrants in Spain

Meet the Celebrants in Spain team

Hello, I am Debbie Skyrme and I am really excited to introduce you to the Celebrants in Spain team of independent satellite celebrants to deputise and support me with their specialist skills: Chiara, Ximo, Marcia, Sally, Lynda, Jaume, Lenka and Wendy.

We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish, French, German, Catalan and Czech

Debbie says,

“Handpicked and mentored by me, each of these lovely independent celebrants has my complete trust and confidence to officiate your special day.“

With their own unique life experiences and skills each of the Celebrants in Spain Team and independent associates brings something different to their role as your officiant.

And for your peace of mind, should one of the Celebrants in Spain team be ill or unavailable at the very last minute to officiate your ceremony, you have the loving support of one of the others to step in and deputise.

Multilingual marriage blessings in the Spanish sunshine.

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Valencia celebrant Chiara

Associate Celebrant Chiara

Chiara is cosmopolitan! Her father is Italian, mother Brazilian, and she is from Uruguay with time living in USA and 20 years in Spain. Chiara speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Bilingual Associate Celebrant Chiara

Chiara Is Your Multilingual Celebrant in Valenica, Murcia, Alicante

Chiara says, “I have a caring personality and a reputation for beautiful bilingual ceremonies. I cannot wait to officiate your special day.”

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Lenka Czech wedding celebrant

Associate Celebrant Lenka

Lenka is originally from the Czech Republic and officiates weddings in fluent English and Czech and blended Spanish/English ceremonies.
As a talented artist, Lenka cannot wait to paint your love story with words of commitment that resonate with both of you.

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Czech celebrant photo Michal Carbol

Lenka Is Your Multilingual Wedding Celebrant in Southern Spain

Lenka says, “I love all wedding rituals from the traditional to the extraordinary and I look forward to understanding what elements will make your day extra special.”

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Barcelona celebrant Ximo

Associate Celebrant Ximo

Ximo is a talented bilingual celebrant.  As an accomplished performer, he is accustomed to being in the spotlight but would love to be the supporting act for your Barcelona ceremony. Speaking fluent English, Spanish and Catalan, Ximo is also an experienced Master of Ceremonies

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Ximo Celebrant Barcelona

Ximo Is Your Bilingual Wedding Celebrant in Barcelona

Ximo says, “Let’s get to the nitty gritty of what will resonate with you to make your ceremony truly special. Love is love”

Ibiza Celebrant photo Stefanie Francis

Associate Celebrant Wendy

Wendy has a passion for languages! Belgium born and now living in Ibiza, she loves to travel and speaks Flemish, Dutch, German, French, English and Spanish.

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Belgian celebrant photo Sofia Brito

Wendy Is Your Multilingual Celebrant in Ibiza and mainland Spain

Wendy says, “I believe love is a choice. It should feel like home and an adventure all at once.  I would be honoured to share your epic love story in Ibiza or further afield.”

“I have scoured all corners of Spain to find like-minded wedding celebrants whom I know, like and trust to officiate your unique elopement, vow renewal or wedding ceremony.

Between us, the Celebrants in Spain TEAM of officiants has got you covered!

Debbie says,

Associate Celebrant Lynda

Associate Celebrant Lynda

Lynda is a highly experienced officiant of weddings, vow renewals and baby naming ceremonies across the whole of the Costa Blanca

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Lynda Costa Blanca Celebrant

Lynda Is Your Celebrant in the Costa Blanca

Lynda says, “Every wedding is fully bespoke, personal and as special as you. I can’t wait to make your wedding dream a reality”

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Marcia Malaga Celebrant Spain

Associate Celebrant Marcia

Marcia speaks English and Spanish. As an avid listener and interpreter of people’s life stories, she loves sharing her Caribbean heritage and passion for narration.

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Marcia Malaga celebrant

Marcia Is Your Bilingual Celebrant in Malaga and Marbella

Marcia says, “I just love meeting couples and helping them to shine, translating their journey into an energetic personalised ceremony.

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Sally Celebrant Alicante

Associate Celebrant Sally

Sally is a fully trained celebrant with a trademark smile. She is experienced in officiating a variety of ceremonies on the coast of Valencia, Murcia and Alicante and consistently has 5 star reviews

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Celebrant Sally Spain

Sally Is Your Celebrant in Andalucia

Sally says, “I am based in Almeria, but delighted to travel across Andalucia to officiate your vow renewal, elopement or wedding.”

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Celebrant Jaume Barcelona

Associate Celebrant Jaume

Jaume speaks fluent English, Spanish and Catalan.  As a professional sommelier and gastronomic journalist, Jaume is pleased to include an international flavour in your ceremony. He is also an experienced Master of Ceremonies.

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Jaume Celebrant Barcelona

Jaume Is Your Bilingual Barcelona Celebrant in Catalonia

Jaume says, “No meaningless texts. We start from scratch taking into account your wishes, feelings and personality. It’s all about you!”

“Every single celebrant is very different.

Our personalities and what we believe in make each wedding officiant unique.

I am a huge advocate of #communityovercompetition and truly believe that in supporting fellow celebrants I am ultimately helping my own business.”

Debbie says,

Celebrants in Spain team have got you covered!

Step 1: Contact us with the date of your special day.

Step 2: Debbie replies to you personally and puts you in contact with the best match of officiant for you.

Step 3: Your independent celebrant sends a service agreement and asks you to pay a retainer fee of €200.
This puts your ceremony date in indelible ink in your celebrant’s diary and commits them to crafting your script.
Payment of the retainer fee also signifies your agreement to all terms and conditions.

Step 4: The journey of getting to know you begins. It’s a fun process to reconnect you with the quirky things you first fell in love with and reflect your personalities in your special ceremony.

Step 5: Two weeks before your ceremony date, your celebrant requires a second payment of either €250 to officiate your traditional ceremony or €450 to officiate your bespoke ceremony.

Step 6: Your ceremony day! Your celebrant arrives at least an hour before your start time to give you a big hug, set up, sound check, calm any nerves and generally be front-of-house to support you and your wedding planner or event coordinator.
Time to say, “I do!”

“I just love having the support and back-up of my Celebrants in Spain Team.

I am a belt-and-braces kind of person and my worst nightmare as a celebrant is losing my voice!

This team of fab independent wedding, elopement and vow renewal officiants not only gives our couples more choice of celebrant personalities, but we have also got each others’ backs. ”

Debbie says,



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