• Elopement Ceremonies in Spain

Elopement Ceremonies in Spain

Elopement in Spain on a boat at sunset photo by Toni Bonet

Traditional and bespoke elopement ceremonies in Spain

You already have your legal marriage licence from the courthouse or marriage certificate from your registrar.

Now you want a very personal celebration in Spain that looks and sounds like the intimate wedding you always dreamed of – perfect, I will craft a symbolic elopement to fulfil every detail of your ideal elopement in Spain.

The most intense, romantic and personal ceremony you could possibly imagine – wherever you want it!

Real elopement ceremony at the Alhambra Palace in Granada

Romantic and adventurous elopements in the Spanish sunshine

Traditional elopement wedding in Spain

€200 retainer fee

plus €200 officiating fee (inc tax)*

This elopement ceremony includes the words you are accustomed to hearing at a traditional marriage plus any or all of these options:

  • Your personal story
  • Personal vows written by you
  • Ring exchange ritual
  • Commemorative Certificate signing
  • English script or bilingual script in a blend of English and Spanish

2023 price plus €50

Bespoke elopement wedding in Spain

€200 retainer fee

plus €400 officiating fee (inc tax)*

Perhaps you want something more than the conventional marriage blessing, you also want to include traditions that are important to you and rituals that resonate with you.
You may want to reflect personal beliefs and perhaps even blend religious or spiritual elements.

My mission: to reflect your personalities, your values and your beliefs by telling your story

My promise: to craft your perfect ceremony script until very word resonates with you and your rituals symbolise your heartfelt wishes for each other and the future.

Emotion alert! This ceremony is uniquely crafted!
This is my bespoke elopement wedding ceremony.
The only limit is your imagination.

*2023 price plus €50

Now all you need to do is contact us to save your date!

City Elopement Ceremony

Chet and Maria

Mirador de Granada | September 2019

Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for our beautiful elopement ceremony and perfect day.

It was all so beautiful!

Palace Elopement

Kassie and Treven

Alhambra Palace | September 2019

[My groom] could not stop talking about his conversation with you and how much that helped to calm his nerves.

He really fell in love with you both while waiting for me to arrive!

Thank you so much for all of your help with the ceremony. Our elopement ceremony really was everything I could have ever hoped for!


Renewal of Vows

Online Ceremonies