• Debbie Skyrme – Celebrant Spain 

Debbie Skyrme – Celebrant Spain

Bespoke wedding celebrant Spain officiant
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Celebrant Spain, wedding, elopement and vow renewal officiant.

I am Debbie Skyrme, an international award-winning independent Celebrant in southern Spain. I officiate bilingual marriage blessings in the Spanish sunshine by weaving those quirky little things you first fell in love with into your perfect wedding, elopement or vow renewal ceremony.

Known for my big smile and genuine warmth, as your wedding officiant I will get to know you with an open heart and an open mind by asking questions that get to the very heart of your relationship. Then with skilled penmanship, I will craft a ceremonial celebration of your marriage that reflects your values, your story and your personalities – in English, Spanish or a blend of both.

As a professional full-time Celebrant in Spain, I promise to take you on a journey from, “Will you marry me?” all the way through to, “I do!” in your ideal destination wedding location.

Can we really get married in Spain?

Debbie says…

To be honest, even Spanish residents often find the legal system for getting married can be a frustrating and lengthy process.

When you understand that a marriage and a wedding are two different things, the process becomes easier.

A marriage is purely a legal contract between two people entering into a partnership.

A wedding is the ceremonial celebration.

So, for non-residents of Spain I suggest that you contract your marriage in the country where you live then enjoy your wedding celebrations in the Andalucian sunshine.

Or a fabulously easy and fun alternative is to contract your marriage in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar then step over the border into Malaga and your ceremony in Spain.

The cost of your wedding ceremony in Spain

I offer two categories of wedding, both are secured in my diary by a first retainer fee payment of €200 to save your date – very important!

Then we can talk about the most appropriate wedding ceremony for you – my personalised traditional ceremony or a bespoke ceremony with rituals.

Inspired by everything I learn from you I will truly personalise your traditional wedding, elopement or vow renewal ceremony script with words and readings that will resonate with you both.

Or by opting for an even more special bespoke ceremony we can include rituals that relate to your values and beliefs or achieve a special purpose such as joining two families together.

Bilingual wedding ceremonies in English and Spanish

Ceremonies can be written in English or a blend of English and Spanish. The bilingual ceremony is at no extra cost, it is my gift to you so that all of your guests can enjoy your special marriage blessing.



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Meet Celebrant Spain

I am Debbie Skyrme, a former UK Deputy Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages who has been immersed in Spanish culture for over ten years.

I am an experienced English and Spanish speaking officiant of symbolic marriage blessings living permanently in Andalusia with a legally registered business.

I am a skilful wordsmith, an accomplished public speaker and a genuine people-person.

I regularly write wedding blogs for some of the most well-respected bride and groom sites online.

I am a mother of two grown up sons and a grandmother to two lovely grandchildren. I honestly believe that all of my life experiences have led me to become the successful wedding Celebrant I am today. Debbie’s video

Meet the Celebrants in Spain team

I believe that ensuring your wedding day is perfect is a huge responsibility. For that reason, I have personally trained a handpicked team of Celebrant colleagues to deputise and support each other to offer you the best possible and most flexible service.

For each member of the Celebrants in Spain team, officiating at the most important events in your life is a vocation and we love what we do.

It is both a privilege and an honour for us to be an essential part of your wedding, elopement, vow renewal or baby naming  ceremony and we are excited to meet you.


Now all you need to do is contact us to save your date!