Different child naming ceremonies

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As far as records began there has been a strong tradition of welcoming children into the family and naming them in accordance with local beliefs and cultures. Nowadays in addition to naming babies, we extend the tradition of unifying a family by name through adoption, fostering, bringing two families together through marriage and changing your given name by choice.

So what is a naming ceremony?

Nowadays a child naming ceremony does not have to follow one faith or belief system, it can be non-religious or multicultural – and fun!

Presenting a young life to the community by name, gives that person a unique identity which can be celebrated in many different ways.

Baby naming sand ceremony officiated by Debbie Skyrme, Celebrant Spain

Photo Gemma England

What’s the history behind naming children?

A last name or “family name” is often given in recognition of a child’s parentage, their first names are to identify that child within the family.

A naming ceremony’s purpose is to officially make a new member of the family’s name known within their close community and circle of friends.

Photo: Michal Carbol

In Roman times a baby was not considered to be a member of the community until the baby was named.

Ethnic and religious customs have often decreed how a parent should choose their baby’s name with nature, seasons, weather, location of birth or a parent’s trade often influencing what the child should be called.

Historically and in modern times, ceremonies have been created to recognise the symbolism and significance of welcoming a child into the family. And so it is today, whether it is to celebrate an adoption, join two families together through marriage, change a person’s given name, welcome a fostered child or celebrate the name of a new baby.

Family unity ceremony at baby naming in Malaga Spain

Photo Gemma England

What can you include in a child naming ceremony?

Your adoption or baby naming ceremony may include any statements, vows or promises you wish to make to your child and your hopes for their future.

Many parents often choose supporting adults or “guide parents” who will also say words of commitment and promise to be there for the child in whatever way they may need them.

“Our name distinguishes us from others and gives us a sense of belonging in our family and community. “

Or perhaps you would like to include all of your invited guests to support your child from helpless babyhood into independent adulthood by asking them to respond to some carefully chosen questions together.

Family fingerprint ritual for a child naming ceremony in Spain

Photo Gemma England

Personalising a child naming ceremony

As with any ceremony, the wording is so important. You may wish to include a favourite song, poem, story or reading that has significance to you.

Hands-on rituals such as mixing coloured sand, making a fingerprint tree or creating a time capsule are always popular with the younger guests and are lovely visual reminders and keepsakes of your special naming ceremony.
And if the child is older, actively including them in every aspect of the festivities as essentially it is their party!

One saying defines parenthood as: the longest days and the shortest years of your life.

Celebrate every moment!

non religious baby naming ceremony photo by Toni Bonet in Spain

Photo Toni Bonet

How much is a baby naming ceremony?

Child naming ceremony only – crafted and officiated by Debbie within Malaga and Granada provinces €400*:

€200 is the retainer fee for Debbie to save your date and craft a bespoke naming ceremony script.
€200* second payment to officiate your special naming ceremony within Malaga and Granada provinces.

*plus €50 from 2023

Special offer child naming ceremony and photography package within Malaga and Granada province €560*:

Child Naming ceremony crafted and officiated by Debbie as above plus photography by your choice of expert portrait photographer Toni Bonet or Michal Carbol

Package includes 25 minutes of Ceremony Photography plus 15  minutes capturing photos after the ceremony.

All images from the day supplied digitally approx. 20

Michal Carbol family photographer

Photo Michal Carbol

Debbie Skyrme is Celebrant Spain award winning bilingual wedding officiant

Author: Debbie Skyrme is an award winning celebrant in Spain officiating non-religious humanist style baby and child naming ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine.


Michal Carbol

Toni Bonet

Gemma England

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