Gay weddings in Spain – interview with Michal Carbol Photography

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With over eighty seven thousand views of the proposal of two grooms in Nerja, Spain, I interview Michal Carbol Photography about the popularity of gay weddings in Spain and learn what makes him so successful amongst the international gender diverse community.

Michal Carbol photo gay proposal Nerja

Michal Carbol photographer: gay proposal in Nerja

Same sex marriage in Spain

First, you need to know that same sex marriage in Spain has been legal since 2005 and the country remains one of the most gay friendly in Europe.

Secondly, with 320 days of sunshine in parts of Southern Spain, international airports serviced by long haul and budget airlines and already established openly gay communities across the country, it is little wonder that Spain itself is attractive to grooms and brides of all genders.

Gay weddings in Spain photo Michal Carbol

Gay weddings in Spain> photo Michal Carbol

Gay proposals and engagements in Spain

As a local wedding celebrant I officiate a lot of ceremonies and it struck me that my good friend Michal Carbol in Nerja was attracting way more than his fair of gay proposals and gay engagement shoots.

So I sat him down over a cup of coffee (and a few cakes!) to find out why he is so popular within the LGBTQ+ community.

Two brides engagement photo Michal Carbol

Two brides engagement photo Michal Carbol

Two grooms’ surprise proposal in Nerja

DEBBIE: So tell me more about this viral video on YouTube of two gorgeous German grooms and what looks like a surprise proposal right on the Balcon de Europa!


MICHAL: “Well you’re right and you’re wrong!
The totally surprise proposal did take place on the iconic Balcon de Europa in Nerja but the guys were actually a lovely couple from the Netherlands!

Henk wanted to propose to Dennis secretly at their favourite place.

Henk decided on a video instead of proposal pictures but I have taken some “still images” from the video too – the best of both worlds!

Dennis was truly surprised and thrilled – you don’t have to imagine the emotion, you can see it in his face! The public were so lovely and many people came up to the couple afterwards to congratulate them.
Since then I have done many lovely engagement and proposal videos for lots of different types of couples, different nationalities, different genders, different ages.

The Costa del Sol is such a magical place and you should know that Henk and Dennis loved Nerja so much that this year they have booked me to capture their wedding video as well! I can’t wait!”

Same sex boat wedding photo Michal Carbol

Same sex boat wedding photo Michal Carbol

Two brides romantic boat engagement

DEBBIE: I love your Instagram photos of your two brides and their engagement on a boat!!! What can you tell me about that special day?

MICHAL: “ Well, I am not going to tell you very much actually. I got to know the girls really well. Their engagement was a lot of fun and the photos out on the boat were so romantic and the light was amazing.
BUT I always respect my clients’ right to privacy and if they don’t want to share their story then that is always cool by me.
You are welcome to enjoy some photos, but what happened on the boat, stays on the boat 😉  “

DEBBIE: Michal I appreciate your candour, no wonder so many couples put their total trust in you.

Love is Love photo Michal Carbol

Love is Love photo Michal Carbol

Gender diverse weddings in Spain

So final question and I will leave you to enjoy your cake!…
Do you have any particular advice for gender diverse couples considering a marriage proposal or a wedding in Spain?

MICHAL: Well no, not really. I might be naïve but I really feel that modern Spanish society is naturally gay friendly.
You and I both have many friends in common, some of whom happen to be openly gay but nobody thinks twice about it.

My advice to any couple is do your research. Read the reviews and testimonials of other couples – and see which suppliers you feel most comfortable with.”

DEBBIE: I totally agree Michal.  Love is Love. And that’s it.

Celebrant Spain with Deni and Michal Carbol Photography

Celebrant Spain on location with Deni and Michal Carbol Photography

Debbie Skyrme is Celebrant Spain. Award winning officiant of weddings, elopements and vow renewal ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine.

Today Debbie was chatting with photographer and videographer Michal Carbol and Deni based in Southern Spain

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