Secrets to a successful small wedding

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Small weddings are trending for many reasons so here are the tops tips for making a successful small wedding magical, memorable and meaningful.

boda simbolica Spain wedding ceremony at La Cala de Mijas officated by Celebrant Spain

Photo Simon Duggan

The difference between a micro wedding, a tiny wedding and a small wedding

To be absolutely honest there is no real difference between a micro wedding a tiny wedding and a small wedding. These are just trendy terms used to describe marriage celebrations with a relatively (excuse the pun) smaller than average guest list.

There is no definitive number to differentiate between “minimonies” and larger ceremonies  so just use whatever term feels right for you.

The smallest possible wedding is an elopement which can be as small as the two people saying their vows before a ceremony officiant – three people in total.

socially distanced micro wedding at La Cala Resort Mijas Spain

Photo Simon Duggan

Reasons to downsize your wedding

There are many benefits to fewer guests

  • Organising fewer people means less stress
  • Planning becomes a joy
  • Travel becomes easier
  • Choices open up to you
  • Venues offer more varied locations
  • Fewer dietary concerns means more menu options
  • More quality time spent with each guest
  • Your wedding budget goes further
socially distanced beach wedding in Torremolinos

Small beach wedding in Spain

Budgeting for a successful small wedding

A smaller wedding does not necessarily means a smaller budget, in fact this is where one of the huge positives comes in.

You can now afford quality over quantity!

One of the major benefits of a downsized wedding guest list means that you can now afford luxury items. You really can splash out on your dream wedding day.

Celebrant Spain small beach wedding

Photo Juanma Segura

Micro weddings mean more for your money

Your new micro wedding mindset should be,  “Why drink cava when you can drink champagne?!”

  • Book the best accommodation
  • Upgrade your set menu to a la carte
  • Choose the vintage wine over the house plonk
  • Opt for a full photography package to capture every moment of your special day
  • Go for a videographer who will also live stream your ceremony to a wider guest list
  • Make sure your celebrant crafts a totally bespoke ceremony written around your personal love story
champagne photographer Natasha Ince

Photo Natasha Ince

So go and get married then have the most amazing small wedding to celebrate!

Who knows? Perhaps a few years down the line you could might have a humungous vow renewal ceremony to when you’ve saved again and big parties are popular once more.


Author bio: Debbie Skyrme is “Celebrant Spain” – an award winning celebrant officiating bilingual weddings, elopements and vow renewal ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine.

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