Debbie Skyrme - Celebrant Spain


The simple fact is that I marry people in love and I celebrate whatever your love is.

I’m a big believer in

….being in it for the long haul
…making a heartfelt promise to be together through the bad stuff as well as the good stuff
…celebrating that commitment in whatever way suits you best, witnessed by people who love you and wish you well
…modern day marriage in all its varying shapes and guises.

Mix all that with

… an easy laugh, the biggest of smiles, the warmest of words, proven experience and unerring professionalism and you have me (!) guiding you effortlessly through your perfect wedding ceremony.

Whether you are celebrating your wedding, civil marriage, civil partnership or renewing your vows we can have some fun putting your ceremony script together to totally personalise it.
With an open heart and an open mind I will ask you your love story.
I will learn from you what you expect from your wedding ceremony, how you visualise your special day to be and what rituals and traditions you want to include.
I will ultimately weave all this into your bespoke ceremony and craft a script that reflects your values, your beliefs and your vision of your wedding ceremony.

Your marriage and your wedding are two different things.
Marriage is a legal record of a contracted agreement between two people. A marriage can be performed by the minister of a recognised faith or a registrar.
Your wedding ceremony celebrates your marriage and can be whenever and wherever you want. Read my blog
Your legally registered marriage will include a "legal declaration" and "contracting words" - these are the parts of the ceremony that people are accustomed to hearing. A registrar customarily asks you to choose from traditional, modern or simplified versions of the wording. I am delighted to include this wording into your personalised wedding ceremony - or not, as you wish! And of course, I will give you every support, guidance and advice to write your own personal vows to each other. ​

Additions, Symbolism and Rituals
As well as writing your own promises or vows, another optional part of your Wedding Celebration is the giving and receiving of rings. There are some beautiful words we can add to your ceremony to describe this perfect circle, the symbol of endless and eternal love.
Other rituals include handfasting where the phrase "tying the knot" comes from; or the Spanish traditon of Las Arras Matrimonias where 13 coins are exchanged as a symbol of support and trust.
Perhaps you have family or friends who would like to read a poem, play an instrument or sing at your ceremony?
You may have some favourite lyrics or poems that have special significance to you that we can include?

I get excited by each and every ceremony that I write. Every script is crafted with the benefit of a unique insite into each couple's vision of their perfect ceremony and delivered with warmth, humour and genuine love for what I do. ​

Wedding Ceremony and Vow Renewal Practicalities

What rituals can I have in my ceremony?

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