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What does a Celebrant cost?

My prices include up to 2 hours travel - additional travel expenses will be charged at cost  (Currency Converter)

Traditional Wedding|Elopement|Vow Renewal Ceremony €400

This favourite ceremony includes the key words of a traditional marriage plus any or all of these options:
Greeting in Spanish
Ring exchange ritual
Reading by one of your guests
Personal vows written by you
Commemorative Certificate signing with/without witnesses.
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Bespoke Wedding|Elopement|Vow Renewal
Civil Partnership Ceremony €600

Your vision of the perfect Wedding Blessing or Symbolic Ceremony crafted specifically for you in the Spanish sunshine

My mission: to really get to know you both.
Your personalities|Your values|Your beliefs|Your story
My promise: to craft your perfect ceremony script until very word resonates with you.
Your words of commitment|Your readings|Your rituals|Your personal vows

Emotion alert! This ceremony is uniquely crafted!
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Baby Naming / Adoption Ceremony / Other Naming Ceremonies €400

Informal, intimate ceremonies written just for you incorporating every element of your own, unique dream day.
All the passion|All the commitment|None of the stress|100% you!
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Ceremonia Tradicional de Boda en español €500

Mi ceremonia tradicional de boda con rituales incluye las palabras más conocidas de una boda tradicional con opciones:
Intercambio de anillos
Una lectura por uno de los invitados
Votos personales escritos por los novios
Ceremonia de arena, las arras o atadura de manos
Firma de certificado conmemorativo con / sin testigos
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