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I was born… I learned… I taught… I loved… I laughed… I cried… I died… We remember.

We are a people of customs and celebrations. We have someone help bring us into the world and we celebrate the name given to us. We seek a life-partner and celebrate that joining. And as life goes full circle, we often forget, get caught unawares, are embarrassed or simply leave it too late to look for someone to lead our final celebration on our behalf. A funeral celebrant.

Our ultimate life event should be marked in the best way possible. A truly loving remembrance of a life well lived.

Your Celebration of Life can be in your own home or a favourite location; a part of, or totally separate from, your internment or cremation; with traditional or wholly inappropriate music that makes everyone smile; your funeral ceremony can incorporate rituals, rites, readings, poems and singing; it can mix religion with non-religion... and throughout it all I will be the person to hold the hand of the people who loved you to guide them gently through your final celebration.

I am Debbie Skyrme. I am a formerUK Deputy Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. I am an English speaking funeral celebrant in Spain offering an alternative, bespoke civil ceremony for the bereaved and those preparing their own end-of-life ceremony.
I am author of probably the most comprehensive guide to death and dying in Spain currently available. Click here to read my blog
With the Dying Matters organisation focus for 2019, "Are We Ready?" I have also written a guide for those thinking ahead who would like to prepare their own Celebration of Life ceremony or Funeral ceremony whilst they are still fit and well - especially appropriate here in Spain where the process from death to burial or cremation is usually 24 to 48 hours and leaves little time for the bereaved to prepare a ceremony. Click here to read more

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