Debbie Skyrme - Celebrant Spain

Vow Renewal Ceremony

There are so many reasons to renew your marriage vows.

Perhaps you never had the wedding you really wanted, you are reaching a milestone anniversary, you feel the need to reconnect with each other, or perhaps you simply want to reaffirm the promises you made to each other on your original wedding day.

Together we can find the words to say exactly what you want to express in a beautiful, romantic and totally personalised ceremony based on the ideas and suggestions on the weddings page
Private and away from the gaze of others, or witnessed, supported and surrounded by people who you love and who love you, I will craft your perfect ceremony to celebrate your renewed commitment to each other.
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Baby Naming

Adoption and Baby Naming Ceremonies

Throughout time, as far as records began there has been a strong tradition of welcoming children into the family and naming them - many different traditions in fact, in accordance with local beliefs and cultures.

In Roman times a baby was not considered to be a member of the community until the baby was named.
Ethnic and religious customs have often decreed how a parent should choose their baby's name with nature, seasons, weather, location of birth or a parent's trade often influencing what the child should be called.
Historically and in modern times, ceremonies have been created to recognise the symbolism and significance of welcoming a child into the family. And so it is today, whether it is an adoption ceremony or a baby naming ceremony.

Your adoption or baby naming ceremony may include any statements, vows or promises you wish to make to your child and your hopes for their future.
Many parents often choose supporting adults or "guide parents" who will also say words of commitment and promise to be there for your child in whatever way they may need them.
As with any ceremony, the wording is so important. You may wish to include a favourite song, poem, story or reading that has significance to you.
And if the child is older, I would recommend actively including them in every aspect of the festivities as essentially it is their party!

They say that a definition of parenthood is: the longest days and the shortest years of your life.
Celebrate every moment!